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I missed Allen Ruppersberg’s “You & Me” billboard in February of 2013 (I was living in LA at the time) but I wish I had seen it in person. Looks amazing. It’s an obvious homage to the Colby Poster Printing Company which I just made a few posts about.

I posted about the Colby Poster Printing Company before and how their neon day-glo posters basically identified the urban landscape of Los Angeles in the past. This documentary from MoCAtv shows how their letterpress posters were made and easily identified because of their colorful palette. Built to last, but utterly disposable. That’s the allure of the Colby […]

the colby poster-01

I’ve seen these day-glo posters all around LA and even occassionally outside of LA but never knew that they actually had a particular name. They’re known as Colby Posters. The name comes from the famous family-run print shop in LA called The Colby Poster Printing Co. which has been in business for over 66 years. They […]

Man, if you trip and fall in this factory, forget it, you’re going home glowing. Fascinating look at this place though. I’d love to visit. [via]


Photo: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images The 6th Floor has an interesting article on the creation of “Day-Glo” neon colors by two brothers named Bob and Joe Switzer. The brothers experimented with naturally fluorescent compounds in the late 30′s and into the 40′s before coming to realize that they had a sellable product on their […]