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A conversation between a boy and a girl in love, contemplating what each of them would do if there was an extra day in the week. This makes me feel all good inside. Written, directed, and edited by Gustav Johansson.

Katie Turner animates this video for Carla Diana’s article in The New York Times about how new technologies, some of which are already on the market, are going to change our daily lives very soon. Possibly making us lazier?

New York: Night and Day from Philip Stockton on Vimeo. This is certainly one of the cooler videos I’ve seen lately. Philip Stockton shot both day and night videos of NYC and then combined them to show both timed sequences at the same time. Sometimes it looks a bit pasted in (which it is I […]

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Here’s the first official photo of the KAWS Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon.  I will be home to see this!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Miss Info!