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Why do deaths on transit so captivate the imagination of riders, officials and the media? It may have a lot to do with the media’s perception of crime in the subway, but it may also have a lot to do with how the subway is designed specifically to feel familiar no matter what station you’re […]

A woman’s death over the weekend at Six Flags in Texas on the “Texas Giant” rollercoaster is being investigated and the woman’s weight is being put into question. Was she too large for the rollercoaster? “If a person is too large, the harness is not going to work properly.” Translation: If you are obese, rollercoasters […]

This seems appropriate given the recent death of James Gandolfini. For fans of The Sopranos, you may recall this scene where Tony is having a near-death experience.

Here’s a documentary about February 2010 death of a Sea World trainer and the story of how the event was almost covered up.

A beautiful tribute to longtime Ok Go fan Jolean Wong who passed away recently.