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One, you can die from laughter. And two, man, infections were a big problem back in the day.

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The LA Times’ Homicide Report is back after a short hiatus. With the return is a brand-new interactive homicide map for LA County along with stats on what types of homicides are taking place, where they are taking place, and who the victims are. LA County is the largest county in the US (over 10 million […]


A group called Tri-State has put together maps of pedestrian fatalities in the New York City area from 2009-2011. Each borough has its own map: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx. Yep, NYC is still a dangerous place if you don’t LOOK before you cross the street.

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How many people since the Newtown shootings have died as a result of guns? Too many according to this Slate interactive chart. Insane. Mind-boggling.

Watch Cell Tower Deaths on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE. PBS Frontline did an investigative report on cell tower deaths. The cell tower industry which controls the broadcasting of TV, radio, and cellphone signals across the US has one of the highest death rates of any occupation in the US, a rate that comes out […]

BoingBoing featured this video that shows classic arcade game deaths. Definitely worth your 2 and a half minutes of time!