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Kitten’s debut album is finally here! You can listen to it below and order it for your own collection today!

I am so excited for this. One of my favorite musical finds of last year, KITTEN, is finally releasing a full length debut album. It’s got a few familiar songs on there but the rest of the album is pretty much all new music!

You saw video #1 and #2 already so check out the 3rd video above from Flavorpill on famous actors and their big screen debuts.

You saw the teaser, now see the full trailer for The Expendables 2!


City Room is reporting that the Urban Umbrella scaffolding design made by Young-Hwan Choi which won the UrbanSHED competition last year will set to debut in NYC at 100 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. The Urban Umbrella uses melded recycled steel and translucent plastic panels shaped in the form of an open umbrella to make sidewalks […]

Clara C debuted a new song called “Fish” on What’s Trending today. Check it out above!