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A nice little thing to make your MacBook stand out. Get it on Etsy.

Just saw these Ryde Safe Reflective Bike Decals over at VICE. A neat and simple idea to ride safe at night. These bike decals work similar to stop signs and road signs as they reflect light back in the direction of the source for better glow and illumination in dark settings. The decals come in […]


An uncut sheet of Japanese Kaiju Monster Battle decalsĀ for $20. Love!


Some 30 or so Vermont State Police vehicles were adorned with the decal above which shows a cow with a spot resembling the silhouette of a pig. The visual gaff was made somewhere within the prison system in Vermont which employs prison inmates with the task of printing these decals through a computer program. Very […]


Hmm, if I didn’t already use a case that covered the entire body of my iPhone, I’d probably give this glow in the dark edge wrap for the iPhone 4 a try. Just $3.99.