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Photo: Thomas Schultz Photographer Thomas Schultz was wandering around a small mining town in Arizona when he stumbled upon this garage filled with old arcade video game cabinets. The Superslice has posted photos of his documentation of this place. Pretty sad.

Classic Wrecks: The Rusted Car as Art from Etsy on Vimeo. John Findra loves classic cars but not in the way you’d normally expect. He collects model cars and paints them to look like they’ve been left out in the middle of nowhere to rot away in the sun. He recreates rust, broken glass, discolored […]

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I have an odd fascination with the abandoned structures in this part of the world. They always seem so large, extravagant, and well-composed compared to the abandoned structures I know of in the States. Linda Ferrari does a great job of photographing some of these socialist monuments in Bulgaria and my only gripe is that […]


Photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune created this stunning piece of work called Ice House Detroit that gives a bit of commentary on the urban decay and frozen nature of the city of Detroit (a recent survey suggests that 1 out of 3 Detroit houses are abandoned or vacant). [via] Anyway, the two artists […]


Well, it seems like there’s a small piece of Detroit within New York City limits. Photographer Lynn Guarino has photographed the remaining bungalows in Far Rockaway which have been left abandoned and in a state of decay because of changing demographics in the area. The bungalows were reportedly built in the 1940′s to be the […]