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Stop what you’re doing and enjoy this catchy song from Borgore and Miley Cyrus produced by my friend Rami! GET THAT CAKE!!!

I just listened to this entire TED Talk by Daniel Gilbert about why humans are fundamentally terrible at making decisions about anything. It’s long, but it’s also very funny and it does a good job of smashing every pre-conceived notion you had about good decisions right in the face.


I’m excited to start this book by Daniel Gilbert called Stumbling on Happiness. The book scientifically and psychologically breaks down why humans are so poor at judging what will make them happy. Often times we think something will make us happy, but in the end it really doesn’t. Gilbert delves into the complexities of the […]

Mr Wurfel from Crictor on Vimeo. I am the complete opposite of this man. I don’t make calculated decisions like he does — I usually follow my gut.