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Wow, not gonna lie, I totally forgot about factorials in math until I watched this video. Here’s a great lesson by Yannay Khaikin on how many combinations you can arrange/shuffle a deck of cards.


Damn. Pretty nuts. Imagine being this close to a beast that can basically whip you off the boat in one motion. Oh, and eat you. I guess being eaten is pretty horrible too. Check out the slideshow here.


I absolutely love this new collaboration between James Jean and The Hundreds. These 3 skateboard decks are part of a larger collection of apparel now available at select The Hundreds retailers and online. Unfortunately, the boards are all sold out but you can still get the prints on T-shirts and sweaters and hats. Check out […]


These come directly from the USPCC’s 808 Club. I haven’t actually liked any of their releases yet until now. This is gorgeous!