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Moose in Minnesota are dying at a very alarming rate and nobody is quite certain why. There are a few guesses, one being that the moose are suffering from a parasite inside their brain or that weather is a contributing factor [somehow], but really, researchers are just now beginning to gather data for the deaths. […]

I love this girl from Rocketboom. Anyway, what she’s explaining here is basically how memes come into popular culture and drop off the radar once everybody (it seems) has found out about it. When everybody knows, it ain’t funny anymore I guess.


There’s been lots of news lately about the rapidly declining quality of life in Detroit, a once-booming industrial city that is now almost completely abandoned. I’ve already posted about an incident of a dead body left unattended for about a month in the middle of Detroit’s downtown area and a video that shows the quietness […]


My friend Jon has this link in his status about Circuit-Breaker levels for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Basically, if the Dow Jones Industrial average falls beyond a certain point-level, all trading can be halted so that traders can get a better grasp of the information that is coming in and out and thus make […]