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So what happens when you crack a raw egg in the water at 32 meters? Well, it stays together in its egg shape. That is, until a fish comes and eats it. [via]

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Photograph: Magnus Lundgren/Barcroft Media The Guardian has posted a gallery of 24 photos featuring this year’s best underwater photographs. Creepy and beautiful. But mostly creepy. Thanks Clarence!

I have a fear of the deep sea. Something about the darkness and the odd-looking creatures down there just freaks me out. And even though the Cirrate octopus above looks pretty tame and cuddly, I would never, ever, go near it. In fact, if I saw this while I was diving, I’m pretty sure I’d […]

Photographer Stephen Alvarez took this amazing photo inside the Majlis al Jinn, the 9th largest cave chamber in the world.

Drifters of the deep from Eugenia Loli-Queru on Vimeo. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is back again with another magnificent video of sea creatures (previously, they shot a video of the fish with a transparent head). This time it features a bunch of different kind of jelly fish which normally tend to scare me a bit, […]