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From the video description: The Sprint missile was part of the ABM or Anti Ballistic Missile system. The missile would carry a 20 kiloton warhead and would travel at hypersonic speeds to find and destroy an incoming enemy ICBM. Watch as the missile approaches speeds upward of Mach 10 in 5 seconds. The missile begins […]

No real reason for posting this except that I just liked watching this thing (the Chemring Countermeasures and Raytheon Missile Systems) shoot projectiles one after the other. As Gizmodo says, like a revolver gun.

Gavin McInnes of Last Pictures, a New York based production company, uses a young child to demonstrate how to defend yourself in the event of an attack. He goes through the 3 most common scenarios one is likely to face: attack with a knife, attack with no weapon, and attack with a gun. The little […]

Thanks Everything Is Terrible, now I know how to get out of uncomfortable situations and cause possible long term damage to body parts. Nice!


This past week, The Pentagon successfully tested an anti-missile defense system. Lt. Gen. Trey Obering said, “Our testing has shown not only can we hit a bullet with a bullet, we can hit a spot on the bullet with a bullet. The technology has caught up.” Those are some pretty comforting words I guess, if […]