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You know those Japanese Dekotora trucks with all the lights on them? Here’s a meeting of their car counterparts.

G4 visits a Dekotora truck meet

Here’s Olivia Munn and her co-host fooling around on these insane Japanese trucks. It turns out that these Dekotora trucks aren’t exactly street legal if they drive on roads with the lights on. They pretty much have to stay off until truck meets like this. But man, when those lights turn on, these trucks look […]

Video from a Dekotora truck meet

These are all really old videos, so I don’t know if this subculture is still as alive as it was a few years back, but man, if I ever go to Japan, I want to see these trucks in person.


This is an ad for Alienware, but have a look at how these Dekotora trucks and the technology behind all those lights.

VICE: Dekotora Trucks

I should have known. VICE was already all over this Dekotora truck phenomenon in Japan. And they even made a video about it.