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This is a shining moment for USPS. I’ve had nothing but great service from them lately and to be honest, if you need something either next day or 2nd-day (and the item isn’t some weird shape), then USPS is definitely the cheapest of the major 3 delivery carriers in the United States. You just can’t […]

Bless this driver of the Disney World monorail for not running over this poor lost squirrel who happened to make its way onto the monorail track. The little animal forced people to wait for 45 minutes between stops. Must’ve been scared for his life, but alas, there he goes free.

The Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft is developing touchscreen technology that brings down touch latency to about 1ms. What does this mean? Well, in a real-world situation, this would essentially make the delay of finger painting on a touchscreen device essentially non-existent (therefore mimicking actual real-life finger-painting)!

A group of Japanese folks have developed a Speech Jammer gun that records sound and then shoots it back toward the speaker in a delayed sequence so that the speaker gets confused over his/her own words. Genius idea. [via]

Nobody seems to agree with me on this, but I’ve always thought that the airport was one of the best places to be when one got bored. I think I’ve finally found the only other person on earth who might think the same. Check out this crazy video of a girl who got delayed at […]