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Delicious! But did things like donuts and junk food contribute to a weight gain over the Hurricane Sandy week/weekend? For some at least, the answer is yes. But I guess if you biked during the lack of mass transit, you might have worked off the pounds.


I just came from this little cafe in Highland Park called Zosa Cafe. It’s situated on the corner of Monterey and Redfield Avenue on a relatively quiet street. I ordered a cup of coffee and the Bagel + Lox you see above. IT IS BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST BAGEL AND LOX I’VE EVER […]

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What is it? It’s a sausage wrapped in bacon with peppers, onions, mayo (I think?) and ketchup. It’s $3 on LA streets. YEAH. Die early, but at least eat yummy stuff.


This drink which can only be had in select locations in the US (but found everywhere in Europe) is delicious. Best ginger beer I’ve ever had!