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TUNED brings us into the shop of Don Steger who is the only certified DeLorean mechanic in the world. He tunes and fixes DeLoreans and lets TUNE test-drive the world’s fastest DeLorean (the original DeLorean is pretty weak).

Bobby takes a tour of the DMC Motor shop in California and gets a real close look at how these cars were prepped for their signature stainless steel look. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of variations of this car out there.

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Jalopnik is reporting that The DeLorean Motor Company is teaming up with Epic EV to produce a fully functional electric version of the original DMC-12 by 2013. The vehicle, being dubbed the DMCEV, will look virtually the same on the exterior with a completely redone interior. According to the shot over at Jalopnik it looks […]

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The Hundreds are on the verge of unveiling a new collaboration project with the DeLorean Motor Company. Until next week when they make the official announcement as to whatever they have in store, The Hundreds blog will be showing off photos of the DMC factory in Texas. It’s going to be awesome.