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Whoa. Never heard of this bridge until now. Looks like it’s too late to go see though. This was the┬áRiverside Figueroa Bridge (also known as Historic Cultural Monument #908).


This is truly a sad moment in NYC history. The decision has been made to turn the infamous 5 Pointz graffiti mecca into luxury condos.

This 3.5km concrete roadway was demolished all at once in China. A wonderful spectacle, but I can only assume a huge waste of resources. I always feel like China is building massive things just for the sake of building massive things.


Sad news for the urban explorers waiting for a chance to check out China’s Disneyland clone known as Wonderland. According to this Chinese website, the entire park has now been demolished after razing began on April 20th. What’s going to replace it? Atlas Obscura says it’ll be a luxury supermarket.


Photo: Reuters/China Daily Well that was quick and unfortunate. It turns out that the stubborn house in China that highway planners built around has gotten demolished.