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I haven’t been in a Gap in quite a while, but the next time I see one I will venture in if only to see this incredible collection of menswear all under one roof, curated in part by GQ. It’s available now!

Wow, check out this massive Kickstarter project that has already raised over $4 million for an open-source gaming platform powered by Android. The OUYA will allow independent game designers to create games for the console and let people with the OUYA play parts of the games for free (or sometimes, the entire game for free). […]


Tracy Osborn has started an online directory of wedding invitation designers called Wedding Invite Love. The site not only puts you in contact with different work from designers across the globe but also serves as a showcase of some of the fantastic work that is being produced by these creative minds. With so many people […]


Designworklife linked to this fabulous Dribble page started by Geof Crowl of various designers making visual postcards for their hometowns. The artwork is superb all around and really plays with the character of each city that’s represented. Some of them are playful and silly while others are more serious and straight-forward, but there’s no doubt […]


Drawing inspiration from the randomness at Chatroulette, Reel Roulette is a fun and harmless way to find motion graphics designers at the touch of a button. Just click “Next Reel” and a randomly chosen motion reel from any motion graphics designer will appear for you to view. This might be my new favorite website…