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This is so smart. Disney and Threadless have teamed up to allow fans of the Pixar film Monsters, Inc. to make fan-art of the movie and sell it without any legal repercussions. The result is a huge flood of user-submitted designs with the best of the best — and these truly are much better than […]


How does stuff like this slip out from the factory? Am I just so disconnected from the budget-camera-purchasing demographic that I am failing to see the appeal of these 10 custom designs? Don’t worry though, because if you really like this camera, it still does come in black and white.


You still have a couple of days left to shop, so if you’re all exhausted out of ideas for that designer in your life (or yourself, maybe!), then check out core77′s Designer Gift Guide. There’s a pop-up shop in both Portland, OR and NYC so if you really want to touch things, go in there. […]


I love this list that SwissMiss put together after asking her readers/followers if they have any links to minimal WordPress themes.


Have a look at these gorgeous and ornate classic literary book covers by┬áJessica Hische┬ámade exclusively for Barnes & Noble. These books are part of the “Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Series” which you can see in its entirety here.