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I have used the Sunrise calendar app on my iPhone exclusively for all calendar-related operations and now I am so stoked that the Sunrise calendar is making its way to the desktop (and to Android devices too). It’s the social media calendar app that does it all and syncs effortlessly with Google Calendar. No problems […]

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Looks like I missed this significant update to one of my favorite desktop customization apps called Satellite Eyes. For those who don’t know, Satellite Eyes is an open-source app that reads your computer’s geo location and changes your desktop wallpaper to reflect your location. You can set it to a regional view or even a […]


New look and better sharing capabilities right from the desktop. Get the latest version of Dropbox here.


I posted this Delorean Hard Drive back in 2010 but since it’s gotten an upgrade to 750GB from 500GB. For $285, it’s expensive, but hey, if you own this, it’ll be the coolest desktop hard drive ever.

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I use an app called Satellite Eyes that changes your desktop background to your current location on a map. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the island of Manhattan behind all my windows. By the way, if you don’t already know, version 1.2.0 is out.

EXOpc is showing off their EXOdesk, a digital desktop similar to Microsoft Surface but for a much lesser price (just $1299 according to TechCrunch). C’mon, who doesn’t want a 40-inch touchscreen desktop? I sure as hell would spend the money for this if I had the right amount of space.