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Detailing a McLaren MP4-12C

Larry from AMMONYC gets to sit and detail one of the coolest super cars ever made. I say this everytime I post one of his videos, but I’m just in awe of how much more he knows about car washing than every single other person on earth. Watch this video below!


These illustrations by J. Powers Bowman are just phenomenal. So detailed! I imagine that these would look amazing as tattoos. See more of them in detail here!


Ocean Quigley, Creative Directory of SimCity, notes that the upcoming release of the new SimCity game is so detailed that you can actually see into the buildings through the windows at night.

This is a lengthy video, but if for some reason you didn’t already believe Larry was an expert at car washing and detailing, this video will definitely change your mind. If you already knew that, then enjoy this extremely in-depth explanation of how he restored a pretty scratched up Porsche 996 track car back to […]

Justin Cox shared this beautiful video of Frank Ortmann creating the cover for Max Goldt’s L’Eglise des Crocodiles album cover. If you want to watch a master calligrapher do his thing, you should just watch the video above. NOW. Do it.

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Xavi García of Spain made this impressive hand-drawn currency that features all modern security features like watermarks, see-through images, and invisible UV ink. The details are just incredible — you have to see the rest of the images at Xavi’s website! [via]