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This is interesting. I think I’m more interested in this device quantifying the metrics of my home/room rather than using it simply as a security device. Would love to try this out.

The Spotter, a device invented by Denny Fong, allows you to easily connect to devices in your home via the Wink app and monitor a number of different criteria. From humidity, motion, light, temperature, and sound, all of these sensors are embedded within the small Spotter device to automatically notify you when something is complete […]

Discovery Channel puts things to rest, sort of. For now though, we still have to turn off our devices until this stupid rule gets changed by the FAA.

UltraReset – Using a smartphone for free subway rides from Intrepidus Benn on Vimeo. Wow, this video found over at Gizmodo shows a public transit turnstile being totally hacked via an Android device to allow for more passes on an expired public transit system fare card. The app demonstrated above made by Corey Benninger and […]

Is TomTom living in their own dream world? How can they expect to sell a hands-free car mount that costs $125? And also to have this become obsolete as soon as the next iPhone comes out? So puzzling…