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If you play the embedded Soundcloud clip above of a dial-up modem sound, make sure you read the comments right underneath the moving orange bar as it explains what the different sounds in the dial-up tone mean. It’s like decoding what robots say to each other in plain view. [via]

This is a neat little video of people recreating the classic dial-up modem sound from memory. It’s weird to think that I’m living with a generation already that probably has no idea what this sounded like in real life.


Those of you reading this who grew up already having a broadband internet connection will most likely not relate, but I remeber the days when I was on a dial-up connection and streaks of color would cascade down an image because I didn’t wait for it to load correctly. Apparently, artist Richard Hutten remembers this […]


A rather pointless website, other than to make you remember the good old days of dialing up the internet and hearing the modem do its thing. It hangs up and repeats itself, so in essence this is a never-ending modem sound generator. Whee!