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Raffi Stepanian is a “freelance diamond setter” who claims that the streets of NYC are saturated with remnants of gold, silver, and diamonds! He apparently makes a living off of digging around in the dirty crevices between sidewalks and subway grates for gold and dropped diamonds. He may be living his dream life, but there’s […]


‘Til Death Do Us Part by Kate Bauman is an interesting piece of jewelry that not only says “I LOVE YOU” but also says “I’LL BEAT YOU UP” at the very same time. It’s made of sterling silver and fits snugly on 4 fingers — just like a set of brass knuckles!

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This 24.78-carat rare pink diamond is now the most expensive jewel ever sold after fetching a record $46 million at Sotheby’s auction. The buyer was a rare British jeweler and collector who is said to supply the rich with exclusive items similar to this pink diamond. MONEY.

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The American Museum of Natural History unveiled the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond for public display on October 28, 2010. The diamond is a 31.06-carat fancy deep blue diamond that’s incredibly rare (about half of 1% of all diamonds found). This specific diamond has an unusual history of family lineage and disappearances which the Museum of Natural History […]

The moving diamond is actually the same as all of the other diamonds on the board. A gradient plus a lighting effect maybe? [via]