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This is an April Fool’s Day joke. But what’s interesting about this video is the glimpse inside the giant — and I mean giant — headquarters of The Hundreds in Vernon, California.

This was the worst live performance I have ever seen on SNL. WHAT IS THIS?!

ABOVE paints a large wall mural in Johannesburg, South Africa in the heart of one of the largest diamond trading districts in the world. He told folks that he would paint “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend” and quickly flipped the switch on property owners with his final message. See the video above.

Yes folks, the world’s most expensive desert is just a bunch of chocolate, gold, caviar, and diamonds. One little detail to note though: The desert needs an actual buyer before it an officially officially be named the world’s most expensive desert.


Click to enlarge Turning ordinary objects into high-priced fashion collectibles is a tricky business. But designer Justin Gignac seems to be on top of the game. With the help of Max Steiner, Justin has made the security tag into an 18k gold masterpiece worth $550 (and $700 if you want one with white diamonds)! Click […]

According to this interview on Ellen, Kanye West says that his bottom row of teeth have been completely removed and replaced with diamonds. Wow.