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A supercut of Mr. Wizard being a jerk. But of course, if you’ve seen the show, he’s not really a jerk.


This past summer, Russian activist group Voina painted a huge white outline of a penis on the St. Petersburg Bridge in Russia. The act of vandalism got lots of press around the web as any image of a penis painted in a public space undoubtedly will. The thing that made Voina so damn worthy of […]

Want to be right up there with the latest in pop culture? Well, The Awl has discovered what looks like the next big urban dance craze called “Dick Slang” (just kidding, there’s no way this is going to be a big hit — just an embarassing blip in music). Anyway, “Dick Slang” involves shaking your […]

Big Dick enters The New Museum from David Livingston on Vimeo. Beyond absurd only begins to describe New York artist David Livingston’s latest stunt in which he enters The New Museum on Bowery with a 6-foot flaccid stuffed penis. He gets kicked out very quickly which only makes this stunt funnier.

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Photo: Ben Ritter Notice anything odd in that photo? Yep, this model has a boner. And he’s not alone. Vice Magazine, known for their provocative editorials, has done an entire fashion spread with male models with boners. Fashion-forward or just plain weird?