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Ben West and Felix Heyes, two designers from London took 21,000 words from the English dictionary and created this book called Google which replaces the word with the first Google Image Search result for that word. It’s a 1240-page volume is flipped through in the video below if you don’t believe that these two guys […]


No doubt inspired by the unfriending frenzy brought on by people thoughtlessly friending others on Facebook, the term “unfriend” has just been coined the 2009 Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary. Other words which were up for the prestigious award were sexting (sending sexual photos via cellphone), funemployment (doing stupid stuff […]


You know that old joke about what you would find in the dictionary next to the entry for ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’, and the answer ends up being “A PICTURE OF YOU!”? Well, that dictionary exists. Sorta. Over at The Photographic Dictionary, there’s no picture for ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’, but there are lots of pictures for […]