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What the heck man. This is what nightmares are made of for the typical New Yorkers. You want to trust that these cellar gates will hold up, even the flimsiest of them all, and you step on them countless times a day, granted, sometimes with hesitation, but you never expect them to fall through! Ahh, […]

Smarter Every Day examines what might have led to Houdini’s untimely death after a punch to the stomach. And then, they use their hi-speed cameras to capture what a punch to the gut really looks like.

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How many people since the Newtown shootings have died as a result of guns? Too many according to this Slate interactive chart. Insane. Mind-boggling.

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Photo: NASA/Space Frontiers/Getty Images Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to step on the moon, has passed away today at the age of 82. His journey to the moon was incredible back in 1969, just a few short years after President Kennedy vowed to put a man on the moon. His infamous quote of the event […]


South Korean news sources are reporting that longtime North Korean ruler and fashion icon Kim Jong-il has died. He was 69. UPDATE: North Korean news sources are also reporting the same thing. UPDATE 2: Keep an eye on his Wikipedia page.