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What I learned watching this video above all else is that tire rotation frequency is different depending on how new or old your tire is. New tires need rotation sooner while older tires can stay without rotation for longer periods. Kind of counter-intuitive, but at least now I know.


The World’s Biggest Pac-Man is a user-generated collection of Pac-Man mazes. Each maze has the same attributes as the original maze, but the layout is entirely different. If you’ve been bored with the original Pac-Man layout, this is going to entertain you for hours.

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Luke Douglas is up for a James Dyson Award for designing this hub-less rear-wheel bicycle that takes into consideration different wheel sizes (for smoother riding) and a belt-drive system that really makes for a unique looking bicycle. The bike is called the Lunartic and there seems to already be at least one working prototype as […]

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Veerle Pieters has a great read about the design of the icons and splash screens coming up in Adobe CS5. In it, she says that the designers are going back to more graphical splash screens and incorporating a sort of two-colored squares approach to the individual application icons. The actual icons haven’t been revealed yet, […]