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This isn’t the most exciting video you’ll watch today, but it’s definitely interesting. What is it? It’s a Rock Wheel construction vehicle digging a trench. I just don’t see this sort of stuff often in the city.


This happened while I was away, but apparently an old 18th-century ship was found during the excavation of the World Trade Center site. The ship is not believed to have been shipwrecked there and some historians believe that the wood planks from the ship were simply used as landfill to extend Manhattan island. Still, this […]

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Photo by Stephen Nessen Continuing with my fascination of Manhattan’s underground, here are more photos from WNYC on the expansion of the 7 line to 34th Street and 11th Avenue. The completion date for the project is only 3 years away and it looks like they’ve been keeping real busy laying the track work and […]