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If you’re tired of reading Doobybrain, might I suggest checking out Digg’s 2013 year in review. Beautifully laid out list of articles, images, and memes to interest you further. Enjoy!


Interesting news coming from Digg. They are building a new Google Reader replacement hopefully set to launch by July 1st when Google Reader shuts down. Users are requesting that it basically be a clone of the current Google Reader with only a few modifications. Simple is key, no?


Reddit has more or less overtaken Digg lately in the social news aggregation sector, but Digg isn’t giving up just yet. They’ve completely relaunched the site with all the usual social sharing buttons plopped in. So far, it works, but will it work well enough to draw people away? Is the community still around to […]

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. I really love the fact that LOLCats were invented by Bob the painter. I almost with that were true! Oh, and that WebMD bit…man, that’s so true. That website is useless.

Kevin Rose interviewed Trent Reznor for a Digg Dialogg and the Nine Inch Nails frontman actually delves pretty deeply into what he thinks is happening to the music business in terms of new technologies and the internet. I actually sat through all 40 minutes of the interview and realized just what a smart man Trent […]