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This was incredibly interesting to learn about and hear explained in great technical detail.

Maybe this isn’t Bill Gates’ original idea, but he’s the only big-name celebrity I hear touting the idea around and that seems quite good. He’s basically saying that one of the major revolutions to create change in poor people’s lives in the near future will be mobile banking and the control of digital assets without […]


I’ve posted about this camera briefly earlier today and while I’ll never own one of these due to their price and availability (only 600 of these made), I can appreciate the design of this camera to minimize the digital portion of it for the sake of photography. You see, the Leica M Series 60 (celebrating […]

There are many ways to set up a backup system for your digital workflow, but if you need some ideas, Tony Roslund has posted this short video about his own setup.


Did you know that the American Museum of Natural History has a special collection of digital archives available for free browsing? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.