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The iconic Norms Restaurant on La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles is in danger of being razed afters its owner obtained a demolition permit for the location from the city. Norms is one of the few places in Los Angeles that still exists as part of Googie architecture, the name given to buildings which often resemble […]

Charles Bukowski’s Nirvana from Patrick Biesemans on Vimeo. Such a beautiful short video about that single moment when you can feel your life changing.


I love this write-up from ScoutingNY about the small and partially hidden abandoned diner at 357 West Street on Manhattan’s West Side Highway. It’s apparently gone through several diner versions (that’s the best word I can come up with at the moment) and it was a running business as recently as 2006. But since closing […]


This Saturday, Midtown restaurant staple The Primeburger will close indefinitely due to change in building management. The classic 60s-style diner has been in operation for the last 74 years and the new building owner gave them virtually no notice to leave and find a new place. The employees and owners are hopeful though that they’ll […]

One could live in New York all their life and never hear of a place like this. I certainly haven’t. But after watching this video from Lost & Found Films I am making sure to come here the next time I want an authentic diner experience in Midtown. Not only does the interior look amazing […]


Photo: Naz Hamid (click to enlarge) Naz Hamid recounts an excellent time he had at a Williamsburg restaurant called Diner where the waiter not only recites the menu but also scribbles it down onto the craft paper covering the table. What an spectacular way to start off a meal. Can’t wait to see this menu […]