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I saw the midnight showing of this film last night. While the film has gotten mixed reviews from just about all reputable film review sites, I honestly enjoyed this film 100%. It looked amazing and the story had me thinking the whole way through. Of course, with all summer blockbusters, I highly encourage you to […]

It’s Friday, and I desperately needed this video! Watch as these two penguins get flown first class from Atlanta to New York for Discovery Channel’s Frozen Planet documentary premiere!

My favorite part of this video was the huge circular blade which cuts the super-long toilet paper roll down to 4-inch standard-sized rolls. It’s towards the end. [via]

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It’s Shark Week and Discovery Channel has posted the top 10 shark attack videos on their website from their various shark-related programming. Pretty exciting to watch, but also pretty scary too.

Oprah’s been narrating the Discovery Channel’s Life TV series and some clever person at infoMania used her lines and mashed them together with clips from MTV’s Jersey Shore to create the ultimate reality TV voiceover.