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So check this out, all that talk about making those Like stamps has actually paid off! Together with Nation UK (who made the original Like stamp prototype), Jailbreak Collective has produced these self-inking Like & Dislike Stamps for $13 a set. They work as advertised and you’d be surprised at how fun liking and disliking […]

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It didn’t take too long thankfully, but it looks like Nation has successfully put the Facebook Like Stamp into production and they’re now selling both a Like and Dislike stamp on their online store. Each stamp is just under $15 USD. Nice.


With nothing better to write about, The New York Post has published an article that takes a look at a recent poll from People Who Deserve It that asks New Yorkers to vote for their least favorite type of person. Reactions to the poll put slow-walking sidewalk blocker at the #1 spot with 29% of […]