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I’ve already posted an HD video of the Carousel of Progress at Disney World, but it’s always nice to see another version of it. Here you go!

Watching this made me happy, embarrassed, and wanting to go back to Disney World. Keep in mind this aired in 1996.

PetaPixel dug up this video from Barats and Bereta from 2010 which showed one half of the duo riding Disney World’s Space Mountain 17 times just to shoot this stop-motion video using the photos taken on the ride.

Bless this driver of the Disney World monorail for not running over this poor lost squirrel who happened to make its way onto the monorail track. The little animal forced people to wait for 45 minutes between stops. Must’ve been scared for his life, but alas, there he goes free.

Heh, Casey Donahue certainly knows how to have fun at the most magical place on earth!