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Dissolve Stock Footage created this generic brand video using clips sold and licensed by Dissolve on their website.

This is crazy. Not sure why he didn’t just set up a camera nearby instead of holding it (or having it attached to his head). Overall though, this is really stupid. Don’t try this at home.

Everybody needs a little bit of iron in their body. Iron is good for you in moderation! Turns out you get a lot of it from your morning cereal. If you dissolve your cereal in a ziplock bag and swoosh it around, you can literally trace the iron particles with a magnet. Watch!

This is pretty amazing. Puma’s Clever Little Shopper shopping bag is made out of cornstarch and thus 100% biodegradable. The video above shows the bag being placed in warm water and completely dissolving into an environmentally-safe dye in about 3 minutes. You can dissolve the bag like this or bury it in the ground as […]

The S.M.A.R.T. labs released this video showing a chemical ink that literally dissolves metal. The crew has posted the “recipe” for this disastrous chemical mix, but they stress that the fumes are highly toxic and that you shouldn’t use it for vandalism. Wow, I would not want to get that on my skin at all. […]