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Whoa, some really surprising statistics about wealth distribution in the US based on what people think the wealth distribution is, what they think the ideal distribution would be, and what the actual wealth distribution is. Scary and really puts things into perspective.

VHX PSA – The State of Distribution from VHX on Vimeo. An interesting video about how traditional media distribution cannot be directly applied to digital media distribution (despite what some companies are trying). [via]

Amazon announced today that they were purchasing Kiva Systems for $775 million. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Kiva Systems is the company that makes the orange robots which litter some Amazon distribution facilities and help to find inventory in an automated and super-efficient way. The video above is from May of last year […]


The best Apple product yesterday wasn’t even in an announcement. Apple released a free app via the App Store called Configurator that basically allows schools, businesses, rental houses, and anybody who has more than 1 iOS device to configure their devices for easy resetting and mass distribution. If you would like to try it out, […]

Here’s the teaser video for an upcoming film called Press Pause Play that takes a look at the current power struggle happening in the media world as new technologies bump old ways out the door. Press Pause Play has gotten a bunch of important visionaries in digital media and interviewed them on how the production, […]

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The Daily Mail takes a dive into the inner workings of an Amazon.com distribution center (or as Amazon likes to call it, a “fulfillment center”) in the UK and it’s pretty much what I expected from an online store that sells just about anything. The place is huge (it’s compared to the size of an […]