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This sleepy dog sounds like a prawn in District 9. Cute though. [via]

Tags: Atom.com,Atom Originals,Atom Blog,Upload Videos Taking a cue from 2009′s hit movie District 9, Atom Films decided to travel back to South Africa to see just how local authorities are dealing with those who play the vuvuzela. It turns out, many of them have been quarantined in what is known as District 11. But from […]


For those of you who have seen the movie District 9, you’ll instantly recognize this Arc Gun shown above which recently sold on eBay for $1445. Obviously, the gun is non-functional (I mean, you’d have to be alien to use it anyway) but it is an official movie prop used on the set of District […]

WIRED has a behind-the-scenes look at the making of District 9, a fantastic sci-fi movie about aliens being hoarded together in a slum in Johannesburg, Africa.


I saw District 9 last night with Danny. The movie is pretty insane to say the least and it’s a bit deeper than most sci-fi flicks I’ve seen mainly because it deals with humanitarian issues (but in terms of aliens, of course). The movie brings up lots of issues about descrimination — if you haven’t […]