Tag: DIY

The successful FlipBookKit project is shown off in this video here from Tested.com. It’s a fun DIY toy that gives you 24 frames of moving goodness at whatever speed you want. It comes in manual and motorized versions. Pretty awesome!

The DIY Drone Kit allows you to turn just about any object into a flying drone just by attaching 4 rotors which are then controlled by a remote control. It’s an interesting project by Jasper van Loenen.


I posted a video of this over here. So stoked to ride with this tonight! It’s got 3 modes — blinking, delayed blinking, and solid and it runs on 2 3V CR2025 batteries. Slick!


Here’s a neat DIY project from Modern Parents Messy Kids: Turn an ordinary room fan into a colorful fun fan by painting each blade a different color!