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Remember Victoria? The sweet, little then-15-year-old girl who made waves on the internet for her stupidity on Maury? She was the one who claimed to have had sex over 300 times with many different men just because she wanted to have a baby. Well, she sorta (???) came to her senses and settled down I […]

DNA explained by BBC Knowledge & Learning

Territory does fantastic work for BBC Knowledge & Learning in this animated video about DNA. A great explanation of what it is and how it works. Teachers, take note, this would make excellent classroom material.

DNA x Fyxation x CLCTV Presents: Ride FTW from DNA IMAGERY on Vimeo. I’ve been thinking about buying another bike lately. Just telling you all.

Putting Maury out of business! The Who’s Your Daddy truck roams parts of NYC and for $350 they’ll tell you in a couple of days whether or not you are the daddy of that child you question yourself about constantly. Yep.

DNA Rides from Edward Clynes on Vimeo. I want to join these guys on a ride. Looks like a fun group.