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Jeff Rubin makes a non-conspiracy0theory-related video about the secrets on the $1 bill. We all needed this!


Got $20 to spend on a single $2 bill? ┬áSure you do! Here’s a $2 bill layered with 22K gold!

ROCKETBOOM tracked down Hank Eskin, the founder of Where’s George, one of the internet’s earliest forms of social tracking. It was used to track dollar bills and other currencies floating around in circulation.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com. This is a crazy story. If you rent a car, make sure you drive ALL THE WAY INTO THE ACTUAL LOT before you relinquish ownership of the car keys.

This software engineer sold his company and built this amazing underground garage! For all the money he spent though on the garage, you would think he would house some slightly more expensive vehicles. Not knockin’ him though, this is pretty nuts.