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This is remarkable. Boat captain Dave Anderson caught on video a dolphin funeral procession for a deceased calf draped over the lead dolphin’s fin. Out of view but mentioned by the captain is a line of dolphins swimming along.

This dolphin kept going up to these divers as if to get their attention to help its dire situation. Thankfully, the divers freed this guy from the net.

I reported on this earlier, but yes, the dolphin that found its way into the Gowanus Canal earlier today has died. That water is just way too polluted for any animal. And oddly enough, rescuers weren’t able to go into the water to rescue the dolphin because they could be contaminated as well. If you […]

I don’t expect this guy to live very long after he gets out. UPDATE: The dolphin has died.

A little one born on September 17th! Look at the little guy just swim like it’s no big deal. Well, I guess it is no big deal for it.