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Hannah shared this incredible video. WHERE ARE THEY ALL GOING??!!


A rave at Connyland marine park in Switzerland is the cause of death for one dolphin named Shadow. The music stressed the dolphin out. Thanks for ruining my day TWBE!

I originally posted this on Coudal when I was guest editor there, but I haven’t had time to post it here yet. Basically, Banksy looks like he’s out with his projects again, this time installing a kiddie ride at the Brighton Pier in the shape of a dolphin entangled in a net and jumping over […]

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Photo: AP Photo/Alex Brandon The situation in the Gulf is getting sadder and sadder by the day. It doesn’t look like it’s improving much and now there’s this photo of bottlenose dolphin stuck underneath the oily waters off the Louisiana coast. I try not to use the word EPIC here on Doobybrain, but for once, […]

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Click to enlarge Wow, take a look at that smooth part of the water right above the dolphin’s back. Absolutely stunning image! Thanks Pierre!