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Photo: U.S. Navy Wait a second. The U.S. Navy actually employs animals to fight for our freedom? I always thought that was a joke on the whole U.S. Navy SEALs thing where somebody just says the Navy employs seals because of the acronym. But hey, it’s true! And these seals, dolphins, whales, and sea lions […]

Over a year ago, I posted a video about how dolphins can blow bubbles rings underneath water and play with them as toys. I said at the time that dolphins were incredibly smart for being able to figure this trait out on their own. Well, it turns out that dolphins are even smarter than previously […]

I’m posting this mainly to prove a point to my sisters: DOLPHINS CAN KILL YOU. It started as a joke between me and my sisters about how dolphins can kill you in the water, but what I thought to be untrue has turned out to be quite the opposite. Dolphins are dangerous creatures in the […]