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I dug this photo up in my archive. It’s a photo taken in April of 2002 at my former apartment where I had the brilliant idea 12 years ago to start a website. This was before the term “blog” was mainstream and before I even had a smartphone. This was also the time when having […]


While I get this whole website sorted out, feel free to browse Doobybrain on your Android or iOS device on the official Doobybrain.com Edition on Google Currents.


Joe did some further digging for me and found out that Grind365 has a history of “borrowing” my words for their own site. It’s almost funny at this point. I’ve emailed them for a comment about the Bill Gates/Forbes post but haven’t heard back. Instead, they just unpublished it. Not sure what message they’re trying […]


Screengrab of Grind365 taken 11/7/11, 7:45PM. A reader just pointed out to me that a website called Grind365 has more or less taken my entire Bill Gates/Forbes post and reposted it on their website as original content. The Via link at the bottom of the post seems like a cheap way out of basically saying […]