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I’m not surprised at all that they pulled this. After last year’s Black Friday “Sale” in which they increased the price of Cards Against Humanity for one day, the folks this year decided to sell a┬ásurprise box of literal bull crap. And guess what? It’s a box of literal bull crap.


The Atlantic Wire has posted a map of America’s most feces-polluted beaches. By taking data from America’s most popular beaches, The Atlantic Wire found that basically we’re all swimming in poop. It’s just a matter of how much poop.

Sweet video of Kenneth Jazi, a gardener in South Africa who is using rhino dung to fertilize his crop to produce great tasting veggies that he can sell to local establishments. Who knew modern dinosaurs would produce such a useful product (just kidding)!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your video of the day: a toilet-trained pig. [via]

What do you do if you have to poo and all you have to wipe your butt is a bus ticket?