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This might be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. DeviantArt member Elemental79 took a 320×240 screengrab of Doom and recreated it in HD in Photoshop. What does the new image come out to be in dimensions? A whopping 9600×7211 creation! Watch the video to see how he did it all. The most interesting part to […]


Amazing: The full Doom videogame has been ported over to the web using Javascript and you can now play it for free whenever you want!

DOOM just got a lot more interesting with the introduction of the ultimate weapon: the vuvuzela! Death to everyone’s ears!


Click image to enlarge I miss playing Doom especially with all of the cheat codes turned on. [via]


I didn’t think I’d care, but CrunchGear just posted about the death of Don Ivan Punchatz, the artist behind the original DOOM video game box, and it sorta made me a bit sad. DOOM was one of the first PC games I ever played and I can recall seeing this image every time I launched […]