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I bet this place smells delicious! Food Curated interviews Allison Kave, chief pie baker at First Prize Pies inside the Essex Street Market in Manhattan on what makes her pies so good. The pie shop inside the market is fairly new — only about a year old — and this is the first time I’ve […]

OOOOHHH YYYEEEESSS!!! Check out this short video from Food Curated about DOUGH in Brooklyn, NY that makes their own fresh doughnuts with unique flavors unlike any found in your usual doughnut stop. If these over-sized doughnuts made you drool, visit DOUGH at 305 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205. I need to go here!!!

The CollegeHumor/IAC crowd got a special dough-tossing show by Ninio Coniglio at the Pizzeria Del Corso in Brooklyn. If he drops it on the floor, does he still continue making the pizza with the same dough?