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A look at the famous “glaze waterfall” seen at just about every Krispy Kreme donut shop in America.

OOOOHHH YYYEEEESSS!!! Check out this short video from Food Curated about DOUGH in Brooklyn, NY that makes their own fresh doughnuts with unique flavors unlike any found in your usual doughnut stop. If these over-sized doughnuts made you drool, visit DOUGH at 305 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205. I need to go here!!!


Wow! Somebody made a bike rack specifically to fit a Dunkin Donuts box of a dozen doughnuts! Please put this into mass production now! [via]


Photo by chockylit on Flickr Sam shared this link showing some doughnut-topped cupcakes made by chockylit and I kinda fell in love with them. They are tiny in size which probably makes them more dangerous than ever because if I made these I’d end up popping one after the other in my mouth and not […]

Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen free original glazed doughnuts with the purchase of any dozen doughnuts at regular price. This coupon expires February 12, 2008 so get your fat on. Print out the coupons here (there are 4 coupons to a page) [pdf].